Whole Life Costs

Understanding and reducing the true cost of running your fleet

When choosing a new car or van, the headline vehicle rental cost is clearly a critical factor in the decision making process. However, this is actually just one part of the overall picture to be considered.

Although there are obvious additional items to take into account, such as insurance or fuel efficiency, the true and complete cost is far more complex to work out.

For example, when measured across the entire length of a leasing contract, the likely cost of servicing and maintaining the vehicle, as well as replacing or repairing tyres, can vary significantly from one model to the next. This is especially true if minimising downtime is a priority for your business.

Additionally, and depending on the finance method chosen, there are other elements to consider such as the amount of non-reclaimable VAT, Employers National Insurance Contributions (NIC) or Lease Rental Restriction.

As you might imagine, collating and analysing all of the relevant information can be a time consuming and frequently confusing exercise.

This is where Total Fleet come in. By using our advanced calculators and analysis tools, we can help you to look beyond the headline figures and compare the Whole Life Cost of each vehicle under consideration. Armed with this information, you can confidently choose a vehicle and finance option that best suits your financial, operational and aspirational needs.

So next time you need a vehicle leasing quotation, don’t be misled by headline figures, make sure you get the complete picture and fully understand the whole life costs for each option being considered.

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