Vehicle Tracking

Increased visibility and control that saves money and improves efficiency

Accurate and reliable vehicle information can help your business gain improved visibility of your fleet and with it, lower costs and increased control.

By using both real-time and historical data, combined with the most up to date mapping technology available, you can track vehicle movements over time, as well as locating any car or van right down to street and house number level.

This information not only helps you to better understand and address driver behaviour, it also helps you deploy resources in a timely and cost effective manner. In turn, this improved control can tangibly improve the experience and service levels provided to your customers.

Our active alert system provides automatic notifications via email, SMS or screen pop-up. As a business fleet operator, this means you can proactively manage unauthorised activity such as speeding, out of hours usage, or other activities which are against company policy.

The systems we supply are user-friendly, highly reliable and require no advanced training or specialist knowledge. As a result, you can start to benefit from improved visibility and control of your mobile resources from day one.

What’s more, research has shown that the implementation of vehicle tracking technology has helped companies achieve measurable reductions in fuel usage, overtime claims and communications overheads.

To find out more about how our vehicle tracking solutions can deliver tangible benefits for your business, just contact our expert advisors on 01543 431 080, or email