Duty of Care

Managing your obligations, whilst protecting your drivers and your business

In addition to being a responsible employer, protecting your workforce makes sound commercial sense. With one in five road fatalities involving an “at-work” driver, it pays to carefully assess the risks faced by your drivers and the business as a whole.

Over recent years there has been a significant amount of hype around the issue of Duty of Care and the potential penalties which could be incurred. In truth, the biggest challenge is that most people fail to understand the difference between a hazard (something that could happen / go wrong) and a risk (the likelihood of it actually happening).

However, the fact remains that all business have an obligation to not only correctly assess risk and put appropriate mitigation measures in place, but also to prove how these decisions were made and enforced.

Meeting this challenge can absorb a significant amount of physical and financial resource. Thankfully, Total Fleet Service’s expert team can help you to:

  • Accurately assess risk levels using proven best practice systems and processes
  • Implement appropriate systems and procedures to mitigate key risk factors
  • Create an audit trail to demonstrate how, why and when decisions were made
  • Increase business profitability by reducing insurance premiums and minimising downtime

For business fleet operators, a carefully managed Duty of Care programme is critical to protecting your business and your employees. So, to find out more about how we can help just call 01543 431 080, or email hello@total-fleet.co.uk.