Renting vehicles

Cars and vans available to rent from 1 day to 3 months+

Key benefits of the Total Fleet business vehicle rental solution

  • Flexible business vehicle rental periods designed to meet unplanned or short term needs
  • A wide variety of cars and vans to meet specific requirements
  • More cost effective than maintaining pool vehicles
  • Vehicles delivered at short notice, anywhere in the UK.

Most vehicle leasing arrangements start with a minimum term of at least 18-24 months. Whilst this works well for many businesses, it can also be too rigid for some, with fixed long term agreements failing to adeqately meet their more fluid requirements.

For example, a new employee may be waiting for a factory order vehicle to arrive, there may be a short term project requirement, or perhaps a vehicle is currently off the road due to an accident or unexpected maintenance work.

On the other hand, an employee may have an ad-hoc need to drive a vehicle for commercial purposes, yet the business wishes to avoid the duty of care issues which are normally associated with personal transport being used for business journeys.

The answer to this challenge is a business vehicle rental solution that helps you to Short Term Hire (also known as Daily Rental) one or more cars or vans for a single day, a week, a month, or even longer.

The flexibility to get the vehicle you need, delivered anywhere in the country at very short notice, is one of the main reasons for using Short Term Hire. What’s more, in challenging economic times, many companies wish to avoid making long term commitments, unless there is a clear business case for doing so.

To find out more about how Total Fleet can help meet your short term hire needs, just call on 01543 431 080, or email