Blog Post - The rise and rise of electric vehicles

There are currently over 120,000 electric vehicles on UK roads and, according to some estimates, this is likely to increase to over 200,000 by the end of 2018.

Research shows that there is also a rapidly growing acceptance that electric vehicles are the only viable solution to achieve emission targets, with many drivers at least considering the possibility of choosing an electric vehicle next time around.

The speed of adoption will naturally be influenced by vehicle choice, along with the practicalities surrounding charging speeds and real-world mileage ranges. However, things are changing fast and there are now over 40 different models available in the UK and a growing charging infrastructure that now boasts nearly 5,000 locations, including over 2,500 rapid charging connectors.

It’s this latter figure which still needs the biggest boost, particularly outside of city centres and major motorway networks. Having said this, the vast majority of journeys are well within the range of current electric vehicles and charging in a matter of minutes will become increasingly common. This means that with a little planning, getting back to full power need not be overly disruptive.

Whilst the debate may continue as to exactly how environmentally friendly electric batteries really are, it’s clear that we’re on a one way journey, even if it’s likely to be a fairly long one.