Blog Post - Speed related safety tips

Excessive, or inappropriate, speed is one of the main factors in thousands of accidents every year. Following these simple rules will help everyone stay safe on the roads.

It’s a maximum not a minimum
Speed limits are set based on average road conditions and should never be seen as a target to reach. In adverse weather conditions, including rain, snow or fog, driving at or just below the speed limit could still be too fast.

Remember your stopping distance
The amount of time it takes to come to a stop depends on a number of factors, including tiredness and road conditions. In wet weather you stopping distance will be at least double the normal length, and in icy conditions distances can multiple by 10 or more.

Beware unfamiliar roads
Country roads often have sharp bends with little or no road signs to provide warning. So if you can’t see what happens to the road ahead, slow down. It can also be a good idea to keep your sat nav on, even when you don’t need directions, as this could alert you to hidden bends or turnings.

Don’t be hassled into driving too fast
If someone behind is pressurising you into to driving faster than you feel comfortable do so, or than the law allows, don’t simply put you foot down, just pull over and let them pass.