Blog Post - Important things to check before you drive this winter

Before starting a journey of any length, it’s worth taking a few minutes to run through a winter driving check list. It could mean the difference between arriving safely and being stranded on the side of the road.

Roofs and windows: Clear all snow and ice before setting off, but never use warm or hot water to clear a screen as it can weaken the glass.

Tyres: Make sure there is at least 2mm tread depth and that the tyres are inflated according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Battery: Windscreen wipers, fog lights and heating all get extra use, which can result in a battery failing with little or no warning.

Cooling systems: It’s a good idea to add anti-freeze into your cooling system, but always remember to check the instructions carefully and make sure the right strength of formula is being used

Wipers and washers: Keep a close eye on wiper blades and replace them immediately if they become damaged or faulty.

Lights: Regularly clean all lights and check they are working properly and at full power.